Lumiere - Quality & Guarantee ดีไซน์ คุณภาพ ญี่ปุ่น
Quality & Guarantee


Every single piece of Lumière jewelry is handcrafted by skillful jewelers. Craftsmanship passed on for generations, along with the attentive of handpicking for materials, we create delicate piece of jewelry. We do not compromise when it comes to quality.


Special Japanese design techniques are employed to ensure the beauty in every angle of the piece.


We hand-select finest diamond (D-F, VVs, finest cutting) to stand a mark of love for special days of yours.


Lumiere certificate is given to each jewelry as a guarantee of our excellence. GIA/HRD certificates will be offered with every 0.30 carat solitaire diamond and above

Product Care


We recommend customers to avoid contact with other substances than water as it may tarnish your jewelry.


Please refrain from banging or brushing against hard surface which may cause scratches.


To clean jewelry at home, gently clean with water

Should you experience any problem or you feel like your piece loses its shine, please contact our staff who will gladly help you put it back to life again.