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Finding your perfect match

"Because you are the one"


Simplement LUMIÈRE

Whenever you spent time, cooking, baking or laid back and watch
a movie together... just a very tiny thing that makes the moment
a memorable one, “Simplement LUMIÈRE” defines a simple definition but remarkable in every touch.



Jeux Amite LUMIÈRE

For those adventurous couples who explore the world together to
places that no one knows, “Jeux
Amite LUMIÈRE” infinity ring for
coules who believes love is just like
a friendship not a relationship.



Jarden D’armour LUMIÈRE

For those couples who love surprises,
get into every detail or every minutes of love, from a photobook for birthday surprise
to a mesmerize wedding proposal.
(What’s a Romantic Life!)
“Jarden D’armour LUMIERE”
will assist you for your perfect moment.



Ring Cafe by LUMIÈRE

For those couples who is craving for something delicious, hopping everywhere from the best restaurant to a tiny coffee shop around the corner,
find your special moment here.