Brand Story
Cozy corner for all lovebirds
to enrich the time together.

We are here to assist
you in every step of
your love story.

Our specialist will help you select best possible ring that can depict your love story.

Experience our Japanese
design and craftsmanship

Japanese design, integrating art and nature to give an intimate feeling for your everyday wear. Enchanting and unique piece created for special ones who demand the one of a kind item.

Cozy corner for all lovebirds
to enrich the time together.

With our concept to make jewelry more easy-going and in touch with everybody, and to make
it become a part of every couple’s journey whether as a symbolic of their most important day or as a gift for special occasion.

Co-space between Jewelry boutique shop and Tokyo- style cafe is specifically designed for your relaxation while enjoy selecting Lumiere fine piece. The platform of our store is to bring you closer to your love ones at the unwind atmosphere and bringing us to be a part of your day.

We offer

The delicacy of Japanese handcraft and Lumiere signature design will deliver the finest piece of art to you. The true beauty of jewelry is a lot like love, it stands the test of time.

Our piece and diamond will symbolize the pure and eternal love of yours